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Digital Art

Dark Faerie

Juan Solórzano, a self-taught Virginia Beach artist that specializes in creating digital art, has been painting digitally for over 10 years. Juan first got interested in digital painting in the late 90’s when he was seeing art that looked like traditional paintings being done digitally in art magazines and from artists such as Todd Lockwood.  Prior to his digital art he was freelancing as an airbrush artist in California.

Coast Mermaid

His recently created web-based project, I’m Super Human is a series about teenage heroes and villains, and is initially  starting out in the form of a webcomic.  “ I am following a different business model – go to the web first and keep it all digital webcomics. Then as I build a following of readers and fans, create a printed book down the road. It keeps the costs down, and the delivery of my webcomics online is immediate. A lot of other artists are still printng their creator-owned comics first and not even bothering with going the webcomic approach. I’m a huge believer in: If you build a webcomic – they will come.”

“The SuperHuman story is about the adventures, the struggles, the emotions, the friendships, the hurt, the joy, and everything that we experience as human beings. Anthropologists call us Homo-Sapiens, the highest life form on planet Earth. We think we are alone, and the prime beings in the universe. …”

Fanatasy Girl1

He also has developed a website on drawing lessons called and utilizes You Tube  for displaying video tutorials on drawing using Corel Painter.

While working as a graphic designer full time, and being a full-time dad, he manages to find the time to work on these creative projects with a focus on giving and contributing something back to his readers.

Juan is from California and has lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia for the last 12 years.

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